Selecting Hardwood Flooring


Info provided by European Touch Hardwood Floors Inc.

1. Get the right type of flooring for your subfloor conditions. If concrete, use engineered. Radiant heat will have several issues relating to wood type. Some woods simply crack apart over those heating systems, even if they are engineered. Get professional advice from a bonded accredited firm.

2. Be aware of the wood hardness and color change characteristics. Some woods experience extreme color change over time. Some woods while described as hardwoods are actually quite soft and damage easily.

3. Understand and try to appreciate that woods of any species have variation in pattern, color, grain, etc. Avoid making your decision after looking at 1 or 2 pieces. Make your sales rep earn their pay by having them bring several pieces or in some cases a whole box and lay the floor out to get a true representation.

4. A level and flat floor starts with a level and flat subfloor. If you are currently living on carpet, be aware that the subfloor may be quite unlevel and require significant cost to flatten to hardwood flooring standards.

5. If you are in a Strata run building, be sure to let them know of your intentions to install a wood floor and ensure that you use a sound dampening underlay that will provide the appropriate amount of comfort for your neighbors below (unless of course, you do not like your neighbors below).

posted 13 Jun 09 in: Articles, Hardwood, Tip Sheets