Pebo Stones Corp: Fusion Water Jet Machine

Pebo Stones Corp. on Mitchell Island between Vancouver & Richmond, BC recently acquired their Fusion Water Jet Machine. It is known as “the dancing machine” by Pebo’s Presidient, Ted Tran, due to its graceful and smooth movements to and fro as it cuts through stone slabs. Ted kindly gave me a tour recently and I wanted to share this information with my clients and readers.

Prior to cutting the stone slabs for your countertops or other stone surfaces, an electronic templating device is used for on-site measuring. It is accurate to 1/64″ in an 8 foot span and also allows for scanning of curved walls.

The Water Fusion Machine cuts according to AutoCAD computerized drawings, cutting straight lines with a saw and curved lines with the water jet. Two cameras mounted on the ceiling of the shop read the pattern of veining in individual slabs, enabling the machine to cut precisely where required in order to match the pattern on two pieces that would be installed adjacently. The photo below illustrates a slab in the process of being cut, with one of the cameras visible above.

fusion 1

You can see in the photo below how a complete countertop has been cut, including the cut-out for the sink.

fusion 2

A separate ‘CNC’ machine is used for more complicated shapes such as curved edge details like the one shown here.

fusion 3

At the time of this article, I’m told Pebo has the only Fusion Water Jet Machine in the Lower Mainland. They are very excited about their ability to increase efficiency and accuracy in fabrication due to this hi-tech investment. It was amazing to see this process in action; the speed with which it cuts, picks up, switches direction and makes another cut is truly impressive.

posted 19 Aug 09 in: Articles, Stone, Vancouver Area Vendors