Tips for a Stress-Free Reno

TIPS_stress free reno

Whether you hire a designer or not, choose all products before construction begins so that your contractor can price everything and you can make choices on where to splurge or sacrifice based on your priorities and not on what can’t be changed. If something comes in too high in cost, you may not be able to find an alternative at the right price that is available within the time you need it.

Interview more than one contractor, architect, and designer. Inquire about their education and experience. Ask for references. Just as importantly, ensure you feel they are a good personality fit, because you will be talking with them a lot!

When dealing with issues individually, you’re going to be tempted to splurge on everything and all those items will add up to blow your budget. Know from the start where you’re willing to sacrifice and what your budget can handle.

Your designer will help you create a concept to drive all decisions. Spend the time to make sure you’re happy with it and the rest of your project will flow smoothly. Resist the urge to collect a bunch of stuff that you like in isolation under the assumption that it will all go together. If you don’t have an overall plan, it will show. You may not be able to put your finger on one thing that’s wrong, but you’ll know it’s there. This doesn’t mean you have to stick to one specific aesthetic throughout; choose one main style and then decide where you will show your personality, in specific areas such as light fixtures.

The internet is a great place to look for inspiration, but be aware that many items may not be available in your area. Some that are may not be approved for local building codes. Your designer can help you find local suppliers.

posted 7 Jun 09 in: Articles, Tip Sheets