Pebo Stones Corp: Fusion Water Jet Machine

Pebo Stones Corp. on Mitchell Island between Vancouver & Richmond, BC recently acquired their Fusion Water Jet Machine. It is known as “the dancing machine” by Pebo’s Presidient, Ted Tran, due to its graceful and smooth movements to and fro as it cuts through stone slabs. Ted kindly gave me a tour recently and I […]

posted 19 Aug 09 in: Articles, Stone, Vancouver Area Vendors

Care & Qualities of Stone Countertops

Based on info provided by Pebo Stones Corp. 1. Marble, granite, slate and limestone are products of nature and as such, may have small cracks, blemishes, voids, variations in colour, veining, pitting and/or surface textures, which are inherent properties and are not considered defects. 2. Most natural stones, regardless of finish, have a natural […]

posted 13 Jun 09 in: Articles, Stone, Tip Sheets