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Care & Qualities of Stone Countertops

Based on info provided by Pebo Stones Corp. www.pebostones.com 1. Marble, granite, slate and limestone are products of nature and as such, may have small cracks, blemishes, voids, variations in colour, veining, pitting and/or surface textures, which are inherent properties and are not considered defects. 2. Most natural stones, regardless of finish, have a natural […]

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Selecting Hardwood Flooring

Info provided by European Touch Hardwood Floors Inc. www.ethfloors.com 1. Get the right type of flooring for your subfloor conditions. If concrete, use engineered. Radiant heat will have several issues relating to wood type. Some woods simply crack apart over those heating systems, even if they are engineered. Get professional advice from a bonded accredited […]

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Kitchen Checklist

We store significantly more in a modern-day kitchen than we used to. Try to imagine everything you would ideally like to incorporate and prioritize what is most important to make your space as functional as possible for your specific needs: • Recycling • Coffee or cappuccino maker & related accessories • Baking station • Pet […]

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Developing an Aesthetic Concept

Of course, I’d recommend that you hire a qualified Interior Designer (preferably me!) to help you with your project. However, you might find the whole process a bit less overwhelming if you already have an idea of your aesthetic preferences. Don’t feel bad if you don’t have a clue. Some of my Clients have a […]

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Tips for a Stress-Free Reno

1. PLAN AHEAD Whether you hire a designer or not, choose all products before construction begins so that your contractor can price everything and you can make choices on where to splurge or sacrifice based on your priorities and not on what can’t be changed. If something comes in too high in cost, you may […]

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