Scope of Work



Concept Development

  1. Client meeting to discuss concept/style, functional requirements and budget. The Client is required to bring a collection of images showing likes and dislikes, as well as a list of any specific storage requirements and items that need to be accommodated within the home. A good source for inspiration images is Houzz. We require this information to be prepared for the first meeting after our services are retained.
  2. Designer to articulate central concept through a detailed written description, accompanied by images to illustrate. Each category of finish and fixture will be addressed with respect to colour, finish and style. This concept will express a style unique to the Client and will describe how to create both consistency and feature elements within the home. Selection of finishes and fixtures to be executed based on this concept document, which will be emailed to the Client for comments. Selection begins when this information has been confirmed and approved by the Client. Design drawings proceed upon finalization of finish & fixture selection.

Selection of Interior Finishes & Fixtures

(will be amended to refer to individual client requirements)

  1. Flooring
  2. Tile
  3. Cabinetry
  4. Countertops
  5. Paint
  6. Interior Doors
  7. Hardware
  8. Appliances
  9. Fireplace Units
  10. Plumbing Fixtures
  11. Washroom Accessories
  12. Lighting Fixtures
  13. Finish Carpentry (Mouldings)
  14. Glazing

Specification Document

Provide finishes & fixtures specification document for the items outlined above, coded to coordinate with Interior Design Drawings.


  1. Floor Material Plans
  2. Preliminary Furniture Plans (aids in planning millwork and lighting locations)
  3. Lighting Plans
  4. Room Plans & Elevations
    • Kitchen
    • Laundry
    • Bathrooms
  5. Fireplace Details
  6. Finish Carpentry (moulding) details
  7. Other Built-in Millwork (bar, dining hutch, etc.)
  8. Closets

Sample Boards

Provide small sample boards for the finishing products outlined above (one for the Client & one for the Contractor).

Project Management (included in fixed fee)

  1. respond to trade & contractor inquiries as required
  2. respond to Client emails & calls
  3. project notes & Interior Design site instructions pertaining to items in Scope of Work
  4. administrative tasks: arranging couriers, detailed invoicing
  5. review cabinet shop drawings (review & approval does not infer liability by the Designer in association with these documents)

Project Management (charged at an hourly rate)

  1. Client meetings during design process beyond an initial three (which will be specifically described in the fee proposal)
  2. Site visits during construction, as requested by the Client & Contractor


The design process for a full house takes approximately 4 months and is ideally complete prior to start of construction. A low-stress experience and a home that reflects your needs and preferences is far more likely with adequate planning time and an efficient, systematic design process.