Petra H.

If you are about to embark on a home build or re-designing a space, you must read this!

My husband and I were lucky enough  to book Tanya as our interior designer for our project.  I must say I was extremely naive as to the scope of what an Interior Designer does. Entering our project at first I thought “I  have great taste and aesthetic and surely I can pick out all these things for the house.”

Upon meeting Tanya, I quickly realized how much larger the picture is for an interior designer and how ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL it is to hire one. I could not believe of all the things that you never would have thought of (the clearance between the fridge door and the island, and corners that are too far from the windows to get light, and where the electrical outlets should be, plus being on top of ordering all the correct components on time) – so that your project can complete ON TIME !!!

Our project was building a home from scratch and it was completed in roughly 1 year start-to-finish, which is unbelievable. Tanya was crucial to our home aesthetic and design process and timeline completion. Even if you have great taste and style, you don’t realize how completely overwhelming it can be if you walk into a store with 1000 white tiles and you have to pick one. Where do you even begin? Working with Tanya was so much fun, stress-free and purely enjoyable …. I think our experience was like that because she truly does listen.  Once she understood exactly what we wanted in a house and design, she narrowed down the overwhelming number of product options so that we could still feel we were involved in selecting and fine-tuning it from there.

There is absolutely nothing I would change in our home. It turned out stunning. I am so happy and lucky we got to work with Tanya and that she truly made our dream come true. I highly recommend her and if we are ever in the circumstance to do another project, maybe a vacation property, I hope we are lucky enough to work with her again (if she isn’t fully booked already!) Thank you for our dream home !!!

Petra H.

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